Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Signs Layoffs are Coming

Thursday, 19 days to go

It occurred to me while writing yesterday's post that I must have been blind not to see this coming. I will enumerate here the signs that should have been clear but were not:

  • All of sudden your boss wants to quantify your workload. "How many (clients, vendors, widgets) do you see a week?"
  • There is a immediate need to "back-up" all the computers in your office, or worse, just yours.
  • Your company gives seminars on foreclosure, "doing more with less," etc. My personal favorite was our credit union openly offering loans when they had previously been very stingy.
  • Unexplained workers with tape measures show up in your cubicle and talk about you in the third person, while you're sitting there. Hello...... I can hear you!
  • Your email doesn't work one morning and the IT department calls it a "hiccup"...
I know, I know...there's a river in Egypt called "denial" and I'm drowning in it.

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Bruce Coltin said...

Yes, it's all pretty hideous, but it has given you some good material. Some day you will thank them. Well, maybe not.