Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Day Late and a Multiple Dollars Short

Tuesday, 8 days to Go

Phone calls are a swirlin' today!  One of the jobs above me appears to be open again (I have given up trying to keep track of this).  My manager finally decides to get involved and calls the hiring department and asks why I haven't be interviewed.  I hear her say down the hall, "she's not only qualified, she'd be really good!  You need to interview her!"   She comes in to tell me this and the fact that she's complained to all higher ups that I should be considered for all open jobs, blah, blah, blah.  Oh Great.  So now, I am the wallflower at the dance.  "She's got a great personality!"  Seriously, I don't need a pity interview.

Multiple calls ensue, confirming the obvious:

"Well, she HAS to apply."
"Oh, she did apply?"
"Well, it's NOT preferential re-hire, you know.  We don't HAVE to interview her."
"Oh, she's really qualified?"
"I can't find her application.  Where's her resume?"
"Hmm, they've been here for 2 weeks?"
"When's her last day, we're really in a hurry here."
"She can start tomorrow?  Wow..."
"OK, I'll call her and set up an interview."


More crickets.

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