Friday, October 30, 2009

A Reversal of Fortune

Monday, 40 hours left

At the end of Friday's interview I am told that a decison will be made by Tuesday (tomorrow) and they ask hypothetically when could I start. I have no illusion that I'm even in the running. This is also not the ideal job as I trust the she-devil even less than my former supervisor, but desperation makes us do funny things. But that's a whole other blog....

I am working in a sort of fog these days, but a strange calm has come over me. I just can't expend the emotional energy on this anymore and must resign myself to the fact that I will need to job seach from home, on my couch, in my now famous bunny slippers. I make all the preparations for my final check, and since my email will stop the second I walk out the door, I create a new one on yahoo. I begin to think maybe I will leave earlier than planned, but now there are all these good-bye events planned. Ugh, heavy sigh.
As I get in my car to leave at 5:00 and pull out of the parking lot, my cell phone rings. It's a co-worker. "You have to call this number! There's a part time job in another department and they're willing to give it to you sight unseen!" Since this co-worker knows this department I take her at her word. "You've got to call the hiring manager TONIGHT on her cell phone!" I'm taken aback at the urgency. After all, I have been sitting around for 3 weeks on "death row." 

I pull over on the freeway, not wanting to get a ticket (Governor Arnie, if your reading this, you've got nothin' on me) and make the call.


sweetpea said...

Great! Well I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get one of them. If not, I have a feeling that searching for a job in your bunny slippers will bring you luck!

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I have my fingers crossed too. Enjoying your blog.