Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

Thursday, 11 days left

Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down! Not that it would ever be a good time for things to break, but now is particularly bad. The lamp on our big screen TV went out in the middle of football last night. Look, there are many things I can live without for short periods of time. Then there are the things that I’ll work a freeway off ramp to get the money to fix or replace. Among these things is my big screen TV. The others would be the dishwasher and coffeemaker, and don’t even try to make me cope without a hairdryer. I remember my parents telling me about a neighbor when I was about five years old that just lost it one night. He was up on his roof, cursing to the heavens amidst a raging rainstorm. I always thought that was the very definition of insanity. But now, I totally get it! He was probably hoping that his leaky roof would make it just one more paycheck before he would have to get it fixed. That week, his car probably broke down, he found out that his kid needed braces and he got an IRS audit notice. The roof was just the last straw. I get it all too well. So I order the part, after borrowing the money from my son (horrors!) because I’m not sure I can deal with no TV. Or movies. Or Dodgers. I really need that part!

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